Tim Miedl Live From Makaskar Beach 2023



Shar Banger on YT:

On September 1st 2023, @timiedl hold a legendary concert at the Jobo Beach Bar, on sothern Makarska Beach. However, I was not been to it, and also barley someone from the Team, which is why there unfortunately no Pro Videos exist… The audio is from the First Encore, a mix from the local recording. Only 3 songs of the concert been released, this one included. It was in pretty bad condition, but me and ​⁠@WolfgangWe have took it all, to better it, give a nicer quality and bass line to it, and release it. This was also by far the loudest audience I ever heard from Tim. It was so loud, that Tims vocals became one with the crowd. I never saw that from him before. The best thing is, for the very first time, there was no playback included to any song! All vocals were completely live, even tough they are not in the best condition, you can’t be bad. Tim had an eye inflammation and was tired at the beginning, but always giving everything!! The mood was legendary and it ALSO it was the all-time longest concert I witnessed, with a setlist of 27 songs including over 2 encores! Some songs like Hallelujah never live before by Tim. Also on the guitar for over 5 songs! The show was almost 3 hours long and the sound live was very OK We’re working on other audios. Thanks to Tim, Wolfgang and MG entertainment and also to Adrian from Jobo…